Modernize Your Home With Clean and Compact Profiles

Choose us for a tubular steel door installation in Charlotte, NC

At Sightline Steel Doors, we're committed to making clean lines and exquisite finishes our signature. When you want to replace a worn wooden entry door, turn to us to enhance the visual appeal of your property with modern metal. With no effort or construction needed on your part, we can effortlessly handle a tubular steel door installation to modernize your home.

By using insulated tubular metal, we can give you an artisan custom door that is:

  • Strong and durable
  • Energy-efficient
  • Cost-effective

Get in touch with our team to discuss the different customization options available for tubular iron doors and tubular steel doors.


Tubular steel doors are very versatile. They were introduced with artisan details such as one of a kind scroll work and raised panels. Iron door construction most closely represents what we know as a traditional wood door but constructed out of tubular iron. Details such as jamb depth, double bore hardware and Q lon weather stripping are interchangeable with traditional wood door construction. With the growing popularity for maximized glass and slim profiles we are able to very closely replicate a steel profile with our 1"x2" tubular Iron. This profile is insulated as well as have 5/8" to 1" Glass thicknesses available


  • Various tube profiles ranging from 1-1/4"x 2" to 2-1/4" x 6"
  • Foam insulated Iron tube
  • Custom Jamb depths based on Design
  • Q-lon weather stripping with Rubber sweeps
  • Custom Scroll work
  • Operable glass on artisan door units


  • Fixed
  • Casement
  • Pivot doors
  • Large bifold units
  • Multisliders
  • Barn doors
  • Single door- Inward and outward swing
  • French doors- Inward and outward swing